Non contact automated 2D- or 3D measurement of warp, bow, slope and surface curvature with software module for calculation of thin film stress (wafer stress) of wafers and glass substrates.

FLATSCAN serves for the contactless measurement of flatness, waviness, mean radius and thin film stress of all kinds of reflecting surfaces like silicon wafers, mirrors, x-ray-mirrors (goebel-mirrors), metal surfaces or polished polymers. The optical measurement principle ensures a high accuracy. It is based on the measurement of the reflection angle of a perpendicular incident laser beam along a line with constant step width. The surface form can be calculated exactly from the change of the reflection angle from between the measuring points. For some applications the reflection angle itself is interesting. Therefore the software offers additionally this measuring option.

For applications in semiconductor technology the thin film stress in coatings can be calculated by the measured radii before and after coating.