BF-SD250 | LD250

Ready for your requirements.


•All systems will be delivered with a rigid aluminum profile frame which will made according to customer's dimensions.

•Complete system can be optimized for placement in a shielded room: pulse tube with remote motor (in or outside room), feedthroughs on all pumping lines of the system and flex lines of the pulse tube with isolation from clean ground,etc.
•Dimensions of experimental space can be changed to customer's requirements.

•Wide selection of wiring: twisted pairs, coaxial, low-Ohmic, (attenuated) RF.
•System can be optimized for and delivered with custom designed experimental wiring.

•Superconducting magnet integration: solenoids with different bore size up to 14T, vector magnets and split pairs.
•System can be delivered with current leads to feed any experimental magnets.
•Mu-metal magnetic shielding inside vacuum can and radiation shields.
•Optical access (standard horizontal port will fit windows up to 75mm).


Remote control anywhere.

Our intelligent control system allows manual and remote operation for maximal user control.

•Full manual control through the frontpanel (no microprocessor!) plus full remote computer control through USB.
•An executable LabView©-based control system that allows full remote control and monitoring, also featuring extensive logging options (for temperatures, pressures, flow and status of valves and pumps). Pre-programmed sequences (like auto-cooldown) can be loaded into the program, but also custom sequences can be easily programmed.
•A separate data-viewer program is provided to conveniently browse and view all the data in the (CSV) log-files.

•Automatic and safe recovery from a power failure, even when not connected to a computer.
•Pneumatic control of all vacuum valves, assuring a long life time and small pumping impedance.






Easy access to experimental space.

No matter what model you may need, you get the same ease of usage for doing your experiments:

•One push of a button initiated fully automated cooldown sequence from room to base temperature.
•Only one common vacuum space. To access the sample space, only a single room temperature o-ring seal has to be opened and no low temperature vacuum seal (the complete system is precooled with integrated heat switches).
•Very low vibration levels due to a mechanically decoupled pulse tube cooler. Measured <0.1 μm on all experimental flanges.
•An off-center placed dilution unit, to maximize the useful space on all flanges.
•Open design, experimental access at all flanges is not obscured by for example heat exchangers or system support structure.
•Preinstalled heaters and resistance thermometers, with control electronics.
•Robust design, for example a fully welded main heat exchanger construction to avoid any possible leaks.
•A lightweight aluminum vacuum can and radiation shield assembly, all with a special locking mechanism for easy one-man operation (without the need for a lift or crane).
•Completely oil-free helium circulation and gas handling system.
•No membrane compressor in mixture circulation (hence no chance of rupture which could lead to mixture loss or contamination).
•Every system will be custom configured to fit your lab space.