PanScan-CC Closed-Cycle Helium-Free system

Now RHK’s new PanScan-CC Closed-Cycle Helium-Free system provides LT to 400K operation, tip/sample thermal equilibrium, and atomic resolution without the expense and hassle of LHe.

RHK provides PanScan as a fully integrated system enhanced with a variety of preparation and analysis chambers, or as a subsystem or core technology Kit for homebuilt applications.  All PanScan SPMs are equipped with R9, RHK’s new totally integrated one-box solution for advanced STM and AFM control.
PanScan Quick Specifications
•STM and optional AFM-qPlus, switchable in vacuum
•Chilled probe and sample, suitable for milli-K environments
•Helium-Free Closed-Cycle PanScan-CC now available
•Sample size: 10mm x 10mm (standard), uses typical flat plate sample holder
•Imaging from LT to 400K
•Able to retract tip and re-approach in same area with high accuracy
•Non-magnetic construction appropriate for high-Tesla environments
•Coarse positioning XYZ: 4mm x 4mm x 8mm
•Scan range: 5µ x 5 µ XY at RT
•Change probes without removing sample