LT QuadraProbeTM
 For ideal multi-probe transport studies and electrical measurements on nanowires, RHK’s QuadraProbe offers LT tip and sample, superb SEM resolution, and up to four independently positionable STM or qPlus AFM probes, each providing atomic resolution. RHK has also uniquely equipped QuadraProbe models to perform Cathode Luminescence via a movable optical fiber, provide a magnetic field to the sample, or deliver microwave signals to multiple interchangeable LT probes. A wide variety of surface preparation and analysis instruments and chambers are provided and integrated by RHK to complement QuadraProbe systems.•4 Probes


•Chilled Tips & Sample
•Atomic Resolution on Each Probe
•5nm SEM
•Tuning Fork and Cathode Luminescence Options
•Prep & Analysis Packages