LT PanScan
 For chilled tip and sample applications, the LT PanScan microscopes provide STM and qPlus AFM in a remarkably compact package easily integrated into RHK, homebuilt, or 3rd party chambers, cryostats, and high Tesla magnetic fields. And now RHK offers an innovative new Closed-Cycle Helium-Free PanScan system for LT performance, tip/sample thermal equilibrium, and atomic resolution in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package. A wide variety of surface preparation and analysis instruments and chambers are provided and integrated by RHK to complement PanScan systems.•LT STM and AFM

•Chilled Tip & Sample
•New Closed-Cycle Helium-Free LT system
•mK & High Magnetic Field Compatible
•Bath, Flow, 3rd Party Cryostats
•Integral X-Y Offsets
•In-Vacuum Tip Exchange