Dilution LT UHV SPM with SC Magnet USM1600



Max Scan Size
800 × 800 × 100 nm @ 100mK (2.5 × 2.5 × 0.4 μm @ RT)

Spatial; <0.1nm, energy; <1meV

Base Temperature
40mK (Target 30mK)

Magnetic Field
11T, 15T Vertical or 9-2-2T Vector Magnet
•High energy resolution IETS on single molecule
•Atom manipultaion
•Spin Polarized STM
•Spin resonance STM in single atom and molecule
•High-resolution spectroscopy on super conductor

High-End Model STM in Ultra Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field. Continuous Cooling Lower than 40mK (target 30mK).