3He LT UHV SPM with SC Magnet USM1300


Spectroscopy on single molecule (IETS)
LDOS mapping on surface
Spin polarized STM
Measurement of electric state in ground state
Observation of structure in ground state
Observation of electric state in high magnetic field

Line up of USM1300 series

USM1300S 4He

USM1300S 4He VTI

USM1300S 3He

4 chambers system (Insert, Exchange, Preparation, Load-lock)

Vacuum System
Below 1.3 × 10-8 Pa (Exchange, Preparation)

Additional Option
E-beam heating of sample and tip, Ar Ion gun, Cooling cleaving unit

X, Y = 2μm/ 0.6μm, Z = 0.3μm (RT/4.2K) Coarse X, Y stage (±0.5mm)

Magnetic Field
Vertical direction to sample surface, 7T (standard) 11T (optional)

4.2K, 77K 2K ~ 50K, 77K 0.4K ~ 50K, 77K