Small color brightness illumination measuring device
1. Description
This Unique design named “ColoSuke-SA” it own control unit with LCD display; it makes the “Stand-Alone Measurement” without PC. This product is hand carried weight, and it is very convenient feature using anywhere, such as laboratory, factory, field work site…and so on. This ColoSuke-SA is selectable between the Luminance Type and the Irradiance Type, they can select measurement function for Chromaticity (x,y) and Correlated Color Temperature (K).
This product is calibrated by NIST traceable light source and Carl Zeiss Spectrometer, to inject the real spectroscopy for the visible wavelength.

2. Feature
*Use it more movable
*Measurement time is from 0.5ms to 1s
*High Repeatability (intensity: 0.8%, chromaticity: 0.001)
*Spectrometer calibration when it ship out
(by Carl Zeiss MCS CCD UV-NIR)
*Incident angle characteristic in conformity to JIS AA class (Irradiance type)
*Capable to be calibrated by any spectrometer as each standard

3. Application
*Lighting Instrument
*Display Measurement (LED back light LCD etc)
*Road traffic signs (LED) and Electrical scoreboards (LED and LCD)
*Automobile component (Head/Brake light, Room light, Indicators)