Spectral radiance meter & illuminometer
1. Description
Chromatic Luminance/Irradiance Measuring Instrument “Spectra-Lumi” can measure visible spectrum from 380 nm to 780 nm, which calculates “Luminance”, “Irradiance”, “Chromaticity”, “Correlated Color Temperature”, “Dominant Wavelength“, “Excitation Purity”, and “Color Rending”.
The size is very compact, and powered by USB BUS cable, so that no needed any power supply cable.
Basically the body has the luminance probe which can be adjusted the option of the irradiance probe, that is why this instrument is compatible for both “Luminance Measurement” and “Irradiance Measurement.

The Spectra-Lumi has the laser pointer to indicated the position where be measured. Easy operation moreover the precise measurement function is totally covered the various research environment.

2. Feature
*Various Measurement
Focusing on the viszible wavelength range from 380 nm to 780 nm, its spectrum result leads to Chromaticity, Correlated Color Temperature, Dominant Wavelength, Excitation Purity, Color Rendering.

*High Accuracy
The internal flat-field typed grating and the photo diode array 1024 pixels make the high accuracy such as <0.5 nm. The sensitivity calibration is done by NIST calibrated light source.

*Easy Operation
It is powered by USB BUS, so no needed external Powe supply. Also the exclusive tripod and the red laser pointer are very helpful to keep on measuring at the right position.

*Compact size
The body dimensions are 60 nm (W)*40.5 nm(H)*139 nm(D), and the weight is just 335g, this is totally matched to any application in outside.

*Customized upgrade
The Speatra-Lumi software has SDK and the sample source (C++, VB, LabVIEW) and it is very flexible to alter the customized software to apply for each request from the user.

3. Application
*Lighting Instrument
*Display Measurement (LED back light LCD etc)
*Road traffic signs (LED) and Electrical scoreboards (LED and LCD)
*Automobile component (Head/Brake light, Room light, Indicators)