Automatic inkjet dispensing experiment device LabJet series
1. Description
This device is designed for the purpose of development and evaluation of an ink-jet for basic experiment (pattern  and orientation or more) and the characterization of discharge and dispension liquid. Automatic device configuration is easy to handle with sample, well suited to such sample fabrication of integrated to development and its apparatus of an ink jet discharge and dispension liquid.

2. Feature
*Standard with the observation function of flying droplets
*XY movement of the head driving condition setting and table on the PC
*Can be patterned with micron accuracy to the specified position
*Depending on the viscosity and droplet size of the liquid, it can be selected from a wide variety of head

3. Application
*Development and evaluation of an ink-jet liquid material
*Prototype of various electronic devices and bio-device
*Learning of inkjet basic technology
*Trace dispensing experiment, etc.