Automatic inkjet dispensing experiment device LabJet-Bio series
1. Description
This benchtop type of inkjet device can suck a tiny amount of liquid and dispense or pattern on demand. Possible to handle various kind of liquid, with vessels equipped up to 16 units. Model supplies a functional liquid material from the liquid frod the liquid container also available.

2. Feature
*Automatically sucking tiny amount of liquid, and dispensing and patterning (min. Required volume: 0.2ml)
*Multiple liquid handling thanks to Automatic rinse system
*Liquid droplets monitoring function
*Work alignment function, table observation function
*Own developed piezo head which can handle high surface tension or high viscosity liquid

3. Application
*Dispensing or patterning of protein, anti-body, enzyme, cells, reagents
*Produce of Bio-chip, Bio-sensor
*Circuit design with nano-metal ink
*Trial manufacturing of electric devices