Automatic inkjet dispensing experiment device BioSpot
1. Description
Spotter & dispensing apparatus equipped with a piezo inkjet system of ultimate disposable type became the launch from the microjet.
The required amount of the liquid a few microliters. In addition I am combines high accuracy & high speed & non-contact. It is possible to replace each liquid type, washing unnecessary contamination risks. Biotechnology course also in the electronics field can be made of various devices by patterning a variety of liquid material.

2. Feature
*Mount PipeJet on up to 8 units
*Use for dispensing, spotting, patterning
*Robust options include drop detection and bitmap
*Simultaneously spots 8 head units mounted at 9 mm pitch

3. Application
*Production of a variety of biochips
*Dispensation to microwells, µ-TAS and fluid devices
*Dispensation of cells and particles