Ultimate Performance Ultra-Sensitive - High-Resolution IONICON PTR-TOFMS instrument
1. Product description
Expect up to 25x more sensitivity, one order of magnitude lower detection limit and 20% higher mass resolution than the world's current bestselling PTR-TOFMS instrument.

The IONICON PTR-QiTOF continuously quantifies VOCs over the entire mass range in real-time delivering even ppqv-level detection limits in only a few seconds integration time.

Using a specially crafted high-end orthogonal acceleration reflectron time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometer with a Quadrupole ion guide (Qi) in combination with the IONICON PTR technology and our ULTRA-PURE ion source the new PTR-QiTOF achieves a mass resolution of more than 6000 (up to 10,000m/Δm FWHM) and nevertheless reaches a limit of detection well below 1 pptv (in 60 sec) and sensitivity of more than 1000 (up to 2500 cps/ppbv for e.g. Benzene). 

2. Feature
*Detection limit: < 1 pptv
*Sensitivity: > 1000 (up to 2500) cps/ppbv (Benzene)
*Mass Resolution: > 6000 (up to 10,000)

3. Application
*Atmospheric chemistry,
*Environmental & biological research,
*Food & flavor science
*Trace gas analysis