Inkjet dispensing experiment kit
1. Description
This device is designed for the purpose of development and evaluation of an ink-jet for basic experiment and the characterization of discharge and dispension liquid. Device configuration is easy to handle with sample, well suited to such sample fabrication of integrated to development and its apparatus of an ink jet discharge and dispension liquid. This device equiped the cleanable piazo structure.

2. Feature
*Forms droplets at the picoliter-nanoliter level
*Easy-to-wash integrated structure
*High chemical resistance for long life
*Handles high viscosity liquids (up to 200mPa.s with heat)
*High-speed droplet formation (over 2000 drops/sec.)

3. Application
*DNA, protein, antibody and reagent ultratrace handling
*Cellular fluid and bead fluid handling
*Dispensation of nano liquid metals and others electronics materials