Graphene Oxide
Graphene Oxide
Our graphene oxide is noted for its mechanical and thermal properties. The raw material - graphite - is chemically processed to obtain monolayer flakes of graphene oxide.
  • Form: Dispersion of graphene oxide sheets
  • Sheet dimension: Variable
  • Color: Yellow-brown
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Dispersibility: Polar solvents
  • Solvent: Water
  • Concentration: 4 mg/mL
  • Monolayer content (measured in 0.5 mg/mL): >95% (*)
(*) 4mg/ml concentration tends to agglomerate the GO flakes and dilution followed by slight sonication is required in order to obtain a higher percentage of monolayer flakes
Elemental Analysis
  • Carbon: 49 – 56%
  • Hydrogen: 0 – 1%
  • Nitrogen: 0 – 1%
  • Sulfur: 0 – 2%
  • Oxygen: 41 – 50%
Quality control
Our Graphene Oxide is subjected to a rigorous QC in order to ensure a high quality and reproducibility.
  • Amount of residue on evaporation
  • pH control
  • Elemental Analysis
If your application requires more specific quality control, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Graphene/polymer composite materials, Batteries, Biomedical, Solar cells, Supercapacitors, Support for metallic catalysts, Low permeability materials, Biosensors, Multifunctional materials, Graphene research