FL Series Recirculating Cooler
The FL series offers a new generation of chillers for routine cooling applications within the laboratory and industry. 
Key Features :
1. Ergonomic design and easy operation
2. Splash-proof keypad with integrated mains switch
3. Large, bright LED display
4. Reliable Microprocessor PID temperature control
5. Filling level indicator
6. Powerful immersion pumps, suitable for continuous operation
7. Permissible temperature in return line +80°C
8. Easy filling from the top with hinged protective lid
9. Low liquid level protection with optical and audible alarm signal
10. Integrated stainless steel bath tanks
11. Removable venting grid for cleaning of the condenser
12. Front drain
13. No side vents
14. RS232 interface for PC-connection
15. IP class according to IEC 60529: 21
16. Alarm output, potential-free change-over contact (max. 30 VA)
in SW models
11. Convenient bath drains
12. Removable bottom plate and shaking insert
13. Lift-up bath cover (optional)
14. Wide selection of accessories for temperature control of samples
15. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel or high grade plastics