PPT & PPB Oxygen Analyzer MX1 Series
●Trace oxygen monitoring at manufacturing factories of semiconductor, LCD,lithium battery, etc.
●Trace oxygen monitoring at the outlet of gas purifiers
●Trace oxygen monitoring at gas generation plants
●Evaluation of high purity gas pipings
●Evaluation of devices and parts
●Excellent process monitoring stability (by “MX method”)
●Quick detection of oxygen concentration change
●The world’s lowest detection limit (20ppt for MX1-A)
●Standard gases not required (calibrator built-in)
●Easy operation / simple configuration
●The established high sensitivity HERSCH type galvanic cell used
●Compatible Gases:N2, Ar, He, H2, Ne, CO, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, C3H6, C3H8, etc.
●Measuring Range
・MX1-A:0-1ppb~0-1,000ppb, one user-settable range
・MX1-S:0-0.1ppm~0-100ppm, one user-settable range
●Lowest Detection Limit
・MX1-A:20ppt (0-1ppb range)
・MX1-S:1ppb (0-0.1ppm range)
●Repeatability (accuracy):within ±2.0% F.S.