Wafer Particle Deposition System

~Wafer Particle Deposition System

Wafer Deposition Technology for PSL Spheres and Process Particles from 20nm to 2um

MSP Corporation, Minneapolis, MN, USA, has been developing new PSL/Particle Deposition technology to support the particle detection sensitivity of surface wafer inspection systems being purchased today.  KLA-Tencor (offering the new SP2-TBI), Hitachi, Topcon & ADE are now providing Scanning Surface Inspection Systems (SSIS) with particle detection down to 35nm.  However, PSL spheres from different manufacturers have variations in size below 80nm, and the distribution widths of the nominal PSL sizes below 50nm are frequently much wider than desired.  MSP’s new Nano-Particle Technology (NPT) has overcome these process issues and can now provide 20nm PSL and Particle depositions with NIST traceability, exceeding SEMI M52 standards.  Customers who have purchased our Model 2300 products have also indicated needs for increased software features and automated wafer handling capabilities to support both Metrology and Wet Bench applications.  MSP now offers the following wafer particle deposition systems with manual load and fully automated capabilities, exceeding today’s 35nm particle detection requirements for Metrology and Wet Bench applications.