NEOC Neo Osmium Coater
Neoc- Neo Osmium Coater- produces the highly pure Osmium coating which evenly covers the sample surface, within the large negative glow discharge region. The discharge conditions and the electrodes have been developed by Meiwafosis Co., Ltd.

Even Coating
Neoc – Neo Osmium Coater - is the suitable solution for the samples which have asperate surfaces and sophisticated structures such as replica of blood capillaries, polymer fibers and powders. The osmium gas surrounds the samples and deposits a thin metal coating film in a few seconds of the coating process. The well round-in gas coating contributes to the smooth and even coated layers over the sample surfaces.
No Granularity
No granularity is recognized over the osmium coated sample surface; examined through a few hundred thousand magnified SEM observation due to the amorphous property of Osmium Tetroxide.
No Charge Up
The pure osmium coating is good at conductivity that is effective for generating the secondary electron beams. The thin and even coating is durable against the charge up caused by the electron beams.
No Heat Damage
There has been problems with the conventional sputter coaters and the resistance heating methods which damages to the samples with the radiation heat from the coating materials are evident. On the other hand, Neoc is operated at low voltage and gently covers the sample surfaces with the gaseous material which applies no heat damages. It also takes very short time to complete the coating procedures. Due to the specially designed electrodes and the configurations of the electronics, Neoc reduced a large amount of the impressed current per unit area. With Neoc, it is even possible to coat a piece of chocolate without melting it.
No Electron Beam Damage
The osmium gas created in the negative glow discharge region is highly pure, and it provides the excellent conductivity and heat resistance. It protects the samples from the strong electron beam of SEM at the high magnification.

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