Smart Precise Cleaving System (MC-10)
1. Description

SELA’s MC10 Smart Precise Cleaving System is designated to allow precise, reliable and fast sample cross-sections, completing a single sample (comprising both sides of the cleaved target) within a minute, with single microns range accuracy and high cross-section quality. A dedicated software features and algorithm enable the accurate positioning control of the cleaving elements.
The MC10 system prepares cross-sectional samples for subsequent inspection by a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or other applicable analysis.

MC10 Blue Katana is the registered trademark of SELA Ltd.

These features together with high throughput ensuring that sample preparation is never a bottleneck for SEM analysis.

2. Feature

•High Quality – Natural Cleave

•High Accuracy – 5um and below

•High Throughput – Single minute

•Compact Size – Table Top

•Low Cost & Maintenance Free

3. Application

SEM and TEM for cleaving tech.

Suitable for Sigle crystallion Si , SiC , GaN, InP.......etc.