CoreVision - Specimen Radiography System
The Faxitron CoreVision increases the standard of care for your patients by eliminating delays waiting for verification of core samples. With one touch of the button a successful biopsy procedure is confirmed and images can be instantly sent to multiple destinations without the need to interrupt mammography workflow.
  • Instant confirmation of a successful biopsy procedure
  • No additional X-ray shielding required
  • No specialized X-ray knowledge needed to operate
  • Small footprint to minimize intrusion in point of care environment
  • Uses radiographically optimized core containers for easy alignment and secure transport
  • One button operation with Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) for optimal image quality
  • AEC optimized for detecting micro-calcifications
  • Leading-edge image processing software for calcification enhancement
  • Images instantaneously displayed on 24' high resolution 2.3 MP monitor (included)
  • DICOM compliant software with efficient access to modality work list and PACS Store & Print options
  • Ability to send multiple annotated images to PACS at a touch of a button
  • Automatic calibration and self-diagnostic capability
  • Remote diagnostic and support over the web