M2260 NanoSilica Size Standards

NanoSilica™ Size Standards from MSP Corporation are concentrated aqueous suspensions of SiO2 particles with highly uniform size distributions. These particle size standards, currently available in nominal sizes ranging from 18 to 200nm, are ideally suited for producing high-quality calibration standards for the next generation of wafer inspection tools and photomask inspection systems. Unparalleled quality can be achieved when NanoSilica™ Size Standards are deposited by MSP’s 2300NPT Particle Deposition System onto wafers or photomasks. Older particle deposition tools manufactured by MSP or those from other manufacturers are also suitable for deposition of these particle size standards.

Advanced manufacturing of semiconductor devices at technology nodes below 30nm requires a new generation of defect review and inspection tooling to maintain device yield. Historically, wafer inspection tools, photomask inspection tools, and other defect review tools have been calibrated with polystyrene latex (PSL) spheres, which are relatively uniform in size and shape. New inspection tools utilize deep ultraviolet (DUV) or extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation of high intensity to detect and measure defects smaller than 20nm. Repeated exposure to intense UV sources can cause PSL spheres to physically degrade, unlike SiO2 particles, which are stable under DUV and EUV exposure.

NanoSilica™ Size Standards were developed using a patented SiO2 synthesis process, which yields size distributions narrower than those of commercially available PSL spheres. At the smallest available particle sizes, NanoSilica™ particles are much more uniform in size, enabling the measurement of peak diameter for qualification and monitoring purposes.

NIST-traceable NanoSilica™ Size Standards from MSP Corporation are traceable to the Standard Meter through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This allows yield-enhancement and metrology groups to establish traceability of their inspection and defect review methods in accordance with ISO 9000 standards and SEMI guidelines.

NanoSilica™ particle suspensions are available in 15-mL dropper-tip bottles for convenience in creating working suspensions. Each bottle is labeled with the catalog number, lot number, peak particle diameter, size distribution relative full-width at half-maximum (RFWHM), and expiration date. Each NanoSilica™ Size Standard comes with a Certificate of Calibration and Traceability and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with handling and disposal instructions.


  • Extremely uniform size distribution.
  • Peak diameter measured with NIST traceability.
  • Stable when subjected to intense DUV or EUV radiation.
  • High particle concentration.


  • Easily detect and measure peak diameter with your particle deposition tool, inspection tool, or analytical instrument.
  • Avoid discrepancies due to differences between mean and peak diameter values.
  • Prepare working suspensions suitable for aerosol generation devices with relatively high or low efficiencies.
  • Create long-lasting calibration standards for state-of-the-art inspection tools.
  • Consume less material; save money.