M2300NPT Particle Deposition System

M2300-1 and M2300-2 Particle Deposition Systems (PDS™) are the latest, most advanced particle deposition tools from MSP for creating polystyrene latex (PSL) sphere size standards needed to calibrate KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials, TopCon, Hitachi and other wafer surface inspection systems. The new NPT (Nano Particle Technology) tools provide:

  • True 20nm deposition capability
  • Up to 12 different PSL sphere sizes and up to 50 different spots of particles in a single recipe
  • ±2% particle size accuracy for particles >50nm and ±1.0nm for particles <50nm
  • Full deposition and pattern deposition (spot, arc, and ring)
    while retaining all the desirable features of the popular Model 2300 tools:
  • Differential mobility analyzer (DMA) technology for accurate particle sizing and size classification
  • Automated NIST traceable calibration routine
  • Recipe control
  • Deposition of Process Particles (Si, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Si3N4, Ti, W, Ta, Cu, etc.) as well as PSL spheres
  • The 2300N-PT1 requires manual wafer loading while the 2300-NPT2 has automated wafer handling including dual FOUP load ports and an ISO Class 1 mini-environment. Bridge tool options for handling 200 and 300mm wafers are available. Please contact factory for more details.