Physical Vapor Deposition System

Magnetron sputtering tool for Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) - PlasmaPro 400

The PlasmaPro 400 is a high performance, versatile multi-material magnetron sputtering tool

Highly suitable for use in multiple application areas, including displays, lighting, semiconductor electronics and photovoltaics

It offers flexibility for batch or single-wafer PVD processing in low volume production or research & development with options of:

  • DC magnetron sputtering for metals
  • Pulsed DC for high rate reactive sputtering
  • RF Magnetron sputtering for dielectrics


    Key features include:

  • Deposition from nanometres to many microns
  • Uniform film from modest sized targets
  • High vacuum for quality deposition
  • Target shutter for target & wafer preparation
  • RF bias for substrate cleaning
  • Up to 4 gas channels for reactive sputtering     
  • Additional Features:
  • Heating up to 300°C
  • RF bias for plasma-assisted deposition
  • Substrate table motion for improved sidewall coverage
  • Cross-contamination shields
  • Optional cryo-pump
  • Single wafer load lock
  • Optional cluster configuration with cassette


    The magnetron size determines the area of uniform deposition, and should be significantly greater than the intended wafer diameter.

  • Up to 4 × 200mm
  • Up to 5 × 150mm
  • Up to 6 × 100mm
  • Magnetron power supply

    The tool may be configured with a RF and a DC/pulsed power supply, shared between chosen target positions.

    Wafer pedestal

    Any shaped substrate larger than 50 mm diameter and smaller than 200 mm diameter can be handled. Carrier plates are used for multiple small parts or ultra thin substrates.

  • 200mm
  • 150mm
  • 100mm
  • Substrate motion control

    The table is rotated for target selection. Enhanced uniformity is achieved by oscillating the wafer beneath the deposition flux.

    Table Temperature

    The substrate table can be operated from room temperature to 300°C.