Non-contact testing for sheet resistance and thickness (Lab2020)
The EddyCus ® TF lab 2020 (Thin Film) is a contactless, real-time single point sheet resistance tester for conductive thin films, and also for layer thickness
Measurement of metal films. The system is dedicated to accurate non-contact testing of highly sensitive thin films. Typical applications are the quality assurance of TCOs, metal films, Graphene, CNT and metal nano wires or grids. EddyCus TF lab systems are used for quality assessment of deposition, annealing, and doping
processes. A further benefit of this non-contact system is the ability to characterize the sheet resistance of hidden or canceled films though encapsulation layers. The system is delivered with an easy to handle software that is connected to a tablet or a notebook via LAN or WLAN. The EddyCus ® TF lab software provides
various data tracking functions that enhance user-friendly systematic testing in R&D centers and quality assurance departments. Next to the graphical depiction of measurement series the user can take manual mappings (e.g. 5 x 5) supported by a manual mapping guide which is part of the software.