PlasmaPro 1000 Astrea large batch plasma etching system

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology presents an evolution in Batch Etch

The PlasmaPro1000 Astrea large batch etch system offers solutions for all the LED industry's justifiable demands:

  • High throughput
  • Optimum device quality
  • Low cost of ownership

LED Production Manufacture

Designed specifically for the harsh chemistries required for LED materials, the PlasmaPro1000 Astrea delivers fast etch rates uniformly across large wafer batches.
It has also been developed with uptime and ease of serviceability in mind.

Wafer size Number of wafers
2" (50mm) 55
4" (100mm) 14
6" (150mm) 7
8" (200mm) 3

Product Features

  • 490mm electrode giving unparalleled throughput from industry leading batch sizes of up to 7 x 6” wafers
  • High quality device performance and yield
  • Dual entry gas inlet for ease of process tuning
  • Reliable hardware and ease of serviceability for excellent uptime
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Vacuum load lock as standard, with open load and cluster capability options
  • System designed to minimise cleaning overhead
  • Maximised clamping for wafer cooling
  • Z-movement electrode for ultimate uniformity