Prima Pro 線上氣體監控質譜分析儀
Thermo依託超過30年線上質譜儀的成功研發應用經驗,新一代Thermo Scientific Prima PRO 線上質譜儀可從容應對石油化工應 用的眾多挑戰,其中包括:
● 天然氣處理
● 烯烴生產
● 裂解爐優化
● 環氧乙烷/ 乙烯乙二醇
● 聚烯烴生產
● 合成氨
● 有毒揮發性有機化合物(VOC)的洩漏

● 快速線上氣體分析(每個取樣點1至20秒),準確 反映工藝動態
● 全組分氣體分析,提供更多的資料給先進過程式控制 制系統(APC)
● 高穩定性,90天的標定間隔(自動)
● 可靠,容錯設計,確保投用率超過99.7%
● 占地面積小
● 最少的維護量需求,降低運營成本

Significantly enhanced analyzer control, giving increased sensitivity, precision, accuracy and mass range
Completely redesigned electronics, incorporating higher specification components
Fast online process gas analysis (1 to 20 seconds per point) for accurate tracking of process dynamics
Comprehensive measurement with more data provided to advanced process control (APC) models
Stable with 30- to 90-day automated calibration interval
Reliable, fault-tolerant design for availability of greater than 99.7%
Complete service access from the front of the system, reducing the effective footprint
Small footprint with no large shelter required
Minimal maintenance requirements
Enhanced connectivity to DCS systems and off-line data manipulation packages
Thermo Scientific™ GasWorks Software
Recommended for:
Fermentation processes
Cell culture processes
Iron and steel processes
Ethylene, Ammonia, Hydrogen plants
Ethylene Oxide, Methanol, Polyethylene/Polypropylene
Catalysis research
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