Monolayer Graphene on PET (25mm x 25mm) 石墨烯CVD薄膜

Monolayer Graphene on PET (25mm x 25mm)

Grown by CVD on copper foil and transferred to polyethylene terephthalate polymer (PET) using wet transfer process. 

The excellent features, size and quality make this product one of the best options for R&D Departments and Universities.

 Graphene film

  • Growth Method: CVD synthesis
  • Appearance (Color): Transparent
  • Transparency  > 97%
  • Appearance (Form): Film
  • Coverage  > 95%
  • Number of graphene layers: 1
  • Thickness (theoretical)  0.345 nm
  • FET mobility on Al₂O₃: 2800 cm2/Vs
  • Hall mobility on SiO₂/Si: 3500 cm2/Vs
  • Sheet Resistance: 580±50 Ohms/sq (1cm x 1cm)
  • Grain size: Up to 10 μm

Substrate PET

  • Thickness: 175 µm

Quality control

All our samples are subjected to a rigorous QC in order to ensure a high quality and reproducibility of the graphene.

  • Raman Spectroscopy: I(G)/I(2D)<0.5; I(D)/I(G)<0.05
  • Optical Microscopy inspection of each individual sample to ensure good transfer quality and purity

If your application requires more specific controls (AFM, SEM...) please do not hesitate to contact us.


Flexible displays for Organic Solar Cells, OLEDs, Opto Electronic Devices, ITO Replacement, Graphene Research