MultiRad - X光照射系統

Compact X-Ray Irradiation System - the smaller, simpler, safer alternative to radioisotope irradiators.

Faxitron’s MultiRad product line is designed to deliver the highest dose with the most uniform beam profile. It is ideal for very dense biological specimens as well as a broad range of industrial applications.

The MultiRad is a fully-shielded, self-contained X-ray irradiator that can be used almost anywhere, by anyone. There are no costly licensing, security, or source maintenance fees providing a much lower total cost of ownership than radioisotope irradiators.

The fully integrated system includes turntable with programmable dosimeter, touch screen control panel and closed-loop cooling.

Other optional features available on ALL MultiRad systems include a motorized specimen shelf, adjustable collimation, and automatic filter selection. All features utilize fully integrated smart technology that can be controlled using the touch screen control panel.

  • NRTL Certified by Intertek for Electrical Safety
  • No additional x-ray shielding required
  • No specialized x-ray knowledge needed to operate
  • Prescriptive, touchscreen control interface for ease-of-use
  • Password login for system security
  • Automatic warm-up and tube conditioning for extended tube life
  • Electrically-operated turntable to ensure uniform dosing
  • Integrated dosimeter with advanced Automatic Dose Control (ADC) for setting exact dose
  • Interchangeable beam conditioning filters
  • Port for ventilation and introducing auxiliary tubes and/or cables
  • Fully integrated, closed-loop cooling system
  • Remote diagnostics and support over the web
  • Optional programmable motorized shelf for infinitely variable SSDs (manual adjustable shelf included)