Precisive Hydrocarbon gas analyzer 5 series
The Precisive 5 Hydrocarbon Composition Analyzer is an infrared absorption based on-line monitoring system configured for measurement of alkanes: methane, ethane, propane, butanes and pentanes. A realtime optical analyzer capable of accurately separating the hydrocarbon components; which previously could only be performed by gas chromatograph (GC) analyzers.

 Using a unique wavelength-sweeping tunable filter spectrometer, fast update rates down to sub-second intervals are performed for the full C1 through C5 analysis. Sampling is a flow-through type, suitable for a continuous, on-line, unattended operation. The analyzer does not require carrier gas, fuel gases, or on-site calibration gases. The standard system configuration provides measurements of up to 100% methane, 25% of ethane, 25% of propane, 10% of butanes and 5% of pentanes. Other ranges and/or additional gases are available. Contact Precisive for specific requirements, compounds and range

Features & Benefits
Fast response for real-time control & optimization
C1 – C5 alkane separation, CO2, & calorific value
Flow-through analysis without the need for carrier-gas
Remote, unattended continuous operation
Eliminates carrier gases and other consumables
Eliminates calibration gases and fuel gases
Virtually zero cross-sensitivity, high sensitivity & linearity Applications
Natural gas analysis (processing, transmission, storage, distribution)
Heating value & Wobbe measurement
Power-gen (turbine, IC engine, fuel cell)
Alternative (biogas, syngas) fuels
LNG/LPG/BOG analysis
Alternative to Gas Chromatography