The Modular Gas Analyzer MGA-nano from BARTEC BENKE measures the concentrations,
moisture content (H2O), hydrocarbon dew point temperature (HCDT) and hydrogen sulfide
content (H2S) of process gases, natural gas and biogas. Whether the aim is to
 improve product quality
 control process units
 monitor trace contaminants
 measure the heating value
the individual setup of the different modules offers the possibility to create an applications specific analyzer.

Special Features
 Compact design and small footprint allow quick installation close to process
 The use of micro system technology leads to low cost of ownership as well as to
short cycle time
 Significantly lower consumption of sample and utilities in comparison to classical
 Turnkey analyzer system replaces multiple service and maintenance support management
 Calorific Values calculated according to ISO 6976 or ASTM D3588.
 Easy to use via Human Machine Interface (HMI)
 Standalone package enables cost effective solution