Boreal Laser’s laser-based gas detection technology has been proven in numerous safety, environmental and 

process applications. Boreal Laser gas analyzers are typically used for critical hazardous gas or toxic gas detection tasks.
The main benefits of Boreal Laser’s gas detectors are self-calibration, lack of interference from other gases and robust, 
reliable, maintenance-free packaging that leads to low cost of ownership.

Gas Finder is a portable open path gas detector suitable for gas detection over paths from 1m to 1000m.
Typical applications include open path ambient environmental monitoring studies, and leak detection during plant 
construction and turnarounds.

Gas Finder FC is a portable in-situ gas analyzer. Its primary use is portable stack emissions monitoring. 
It can also be used for other in-situ or extractive gas analysis applications, or for open path gas detection. 
It provides the platform for airborne and vehicle mounted methane leak detection systems.

Gas Finder MC is a multiple path system that can monitor up to eight paths in a single gas detection system. 
The measurement paths can be open path, in-situ or extractive or any combination of these.
It is mostly used for multiple path leak detection of HF and H2S in oil and gas operations and for complete 
HF monitoring in primary aluminium smelters